Chuckle Choo Choo

BigDad was helping Dr. Jiajia to read “Travis and Scoop’s Race Day.” This book is probably for kids younger than JJ’s age, but JJ doesn’t read well so we have to start with books that are easier for him to digest.

To encourage JJ, BD read him the book the first round. Then together we did it the second round with each reading a paragraph. JJ read very slowly, syllable by syllable.

Then JJ came to a word “chuckle” and he paused. BD read the word and then asked JJ if he understood the meaning of it.

“Chuckle Choo Choo,” Jiajia replied smartly.

“No lah,” BD explained. “Chuckle is laugh softly. It got nothing to do with train.

“Orh, got it.”

10 minutes later, when JJ was skipping towards his room, BD asked, “Jia, what is the meaning of chuckle.”

“Chuckle Choo Choo,” came Jiajia’s voice in the room.

“Not chuckle choo choo again!” (3364)


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